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Monthly Tips!

Breiter Handyman Service maintenance services

Breiter Handyman Service has been systematically reviewing property and saving money and headaches since 2013. By staying on top of necessary, regular maintenance projects, you will avoid very costly repairs later. Schedule Breiter Handyman Service professional to take care of your all your maintenance needs.

Monthly maintenance tips


  • Check for damaged, discolored, or missing ceiling tiles
  • Check all water sources for leaks & drain speed
  • Tighten door handles, closers, and hinge screws
  • Check doors for bumpers and proper closing
  • Review all flooring for damage
  • Vacuum out all compressors and grills


  • Inspect all lighting fixtures and trim kits
  • Check caulking for appearance and protection
  • Tighten and inspect toilet paper holder, paper towel holder, and mirrors in restroom and kitchen areas
  • Check all counter tops for chipping & peeling
  • Confirm keys and label


  • Inspect ceramic tiles for cracks and appearance
  • Secure any loose wallpaper and corner protectors
  • Start up sprinkler system and check operation
  • Flush hot water heater & re-fill
  • Trim and shape shrubbery and tree limbs
  • Detailed clean up of leaves and trash
  • Check elevator walls and floor


  • Change smoke detector & CO batteries
  • Inspect siding, soffit, fascia, and masonry
  • Check all hand railings for stability & wear
  • Inspect gutters clean and re-attach as necessary.
  • Check over roof for missing shingles, protective rocks, damage, or gaps cover as necessary
  • Check parking stops, signs, and parking paint


  • Check carpet for stains, popping seams, rumples, and general damage.
  • Walk concrete, steps, & asphalt check for cracks, chips, pot holes, and tripping hazards
  • Check existing bollards & add where needed
  • Check tile, linoleum for rips, tears, and curling
  • Tighten all loose screws on wall plaques, pictures, and wall hangings
  • Check for loose tiles and cracking grout
  • Check all water sources for leaks & drain speed
  • Check trim, woodwork, and base cove for scratches, cracking, or pulling away
  • Inspect drywall for dings and touch up paint
  • Change intake and return air filters
  • Vacuum out all equipment compressors and grills


  • Run through all sprinkler zones to check for proper coverage & operation
  • Check rocks and landscaping for proper weed barrier performance
  • Check for shifting or erosion around building
  • Check all landscape timber and edging
  • Tighten all loose screws & nails on fences, dumpster enclosures, gates and latches
  • Bury any exposed wiring or sprinkler lines


  • Check all exterior lighting fixtures & lenses
  • Inspect exterior siding, windows, and doors
  • Check outdoor paint for peeling, cracking and proper coverage
  • Run through all sprinkler zones (Repeat due to heat)
  • Check stairwell treads, walls, and ceiling
  • Check exit and security lights


  • Inspect caulking, weather stripping, door transitions, exterior trim, gutters & downspouts
  • Go through storage organize, label, and move temperature sensitive products to warmer area
  • Test and confirm all water supplies have functioning water shut offs
  • Make sure all location signs are up to date
  • Tighten lose plumbing & soap dispensers


  • Drain outdoor faucets & winterize sprinkler system (Blow out system)
  • Clean all roof drainage pipes & gutters
  • Locate and check fire extinguisher’s for proper charge and availability
  • Call fire sprinkler company for yearly review
  • Check entry signs, exterior railings, & light posts for damage or fading


  • Change smoke detector & CO batteries
  • Review building & parking lot for proper water run off
  • Double check all pipes to prevent freezing
  • Set & clean floor registers & intake grills for proper airflow
  • Label Breaker box


  • Check electrical cords & plugs on lights & appliances for damage or overload
  • Safety check-Look for tripping hazards
  • Test all outlets & GFCI for proper installation, grounding, functionality, and safety
  • Tighten all handrails and grab bars
  • Test and clean all water fountains
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